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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  August 2, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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normally quiet and peaceful, the benedict monastery in bristow, virginia is a somber place. three sisters from richmond coming here for a week-long retreat were involved in head- on collision on sunday morning. one of the nuns sister denise moser died. >> sister denise had a wonderful outlook on life. she was a faith-filled person and the first to forgive the young man. i know that. >> reporter: they say carlos monanto was drunk and speeding when he lost control of his car and crashed in to the nun's corolla. he survive and charged with involuntary manslaughter and dui, his third charge in five years. >> involuntary manslaughter, means you killed someone unintentionally but his conduct may elevate this to a higher grade of homicide. that is what we are looking at
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now. >> reporter: the head-on collision happened here on the bridge over cedar run along bristow road south of manassas a few miles from the monastery. sister denise was the backseat and not wearing a seat belt. >> i'm sure she was probably sleeping in the backseat, that's what she did. hopefully she went straight from that sleep to god's arms. >> reporter: at the monastery those touched by the sad news are bringing flowers and offering condolences. sister lange and connie ruth were injured in the crash. sister charlotte was the long- time principal of saint gertrudes in richmond and a chaplain at saint mary's hospital there. we are told sister denise was fun loving and dedicated to her calling. >> she was our dancing. she loves to dance. as soon as she heard music you could see her whole body turn on. she was an extraordinary woman. >> reporter: prince william county spokesman says he was in
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the country illegally an driving on a revoked license. >> this is the worst of the worst. disregards the law of the country. he came here because of what we offer him and continue to hum thumb his nose at law enforcement. as a result he will wind up in the penitentiary for a long period of time. >> we checked with the folks at ice, the federal immigration authorities. they say they had two cases pending against him but did not have him in custody and had not sent him home. >> because this guy is a repeat offender, could he face more serious charges? >> well, they may try to bump it up in to more of a homicide charge, but that's tough. they are still investigating it. they hope to do something to keep him in prison for some period of time before they kick him out of the country but they are working on that. >> thank you very much. the dc pa office of campaign finance cleared marion barry for giving his girlfriend
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a $5,000 contract in 2009. an independent investigation earlier this year found barry violated dc law, council rules, policies and procedures, but the campaign finance office ruled he failed to follow regulations for employee conduct but did not break the law. >> the report is good news for those who believe in justice, fairness, due process, and truth. the process that the office of campaign finance used is to be commended. they were thorough, comprehensive, fair, and factual. >> reporter: the dc council censured barry and stripped him of his committee chairmanship in march. they are looking in to the case so there is still a chance he could be charged. terrifying moments for a 7- eleven clerk in maryland. one man armed with a gun held up a store on july 24th. these pictures show gunman with
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a rifle pointed a the clerk while the other took money from the cash register. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. a new effort underway tonight to help to shield children from vicious crimes. the federal government announced a new strategy to protect kids, specifically from sex crimes. beth parker is here with the story. >> leaders are describing this new effort as a national strategy that brings together different federal agencies including the fbi. they describe it as a road map to figure out where we have been and where we are heading in the effort to end child sexual exploitation [ applause ] >> a brave young woman stood before some of the nation's leaders and a row of tv cameras. and talked about being abused by her own father. >> he sexual isly abused me from preschool until i was 12 years old. part of the abuse is him taking pornographic pictures of me to put on-line. >> reporter: her dad was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.
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my pictures will always remain on the internet. i try to pretend it doesn't affect me they are still on- line but i know they are out there and i will always know n the back of my mind there are people looking at them and using them. >> reporter: what she suffered through is growing more common, not less. >> this is an epidemic. it is a cancer in our country that has metastasized and if we don't do more to stop it, as the report importantly notes, it will devour our nation's soul. >> reporter: eric holder and the department of justice released a national strategy to combat child exploitation, and of course it travels on-line and through the mail, too. guy catrell is the chief postal inspector. >> as a nation we have a legal and moral obligation to children and their families to protect them from one of life's most frightening and tragic events. >> reporter: the young woman who spoke said she didn't tell anyone she was being abused until she was 15 years old.
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she finally talked about it to save her little sister from the same abuse. her message to others -- >> if you are being abused, know there are people that care and can help. >> reporter: the young woman is not being named in an effort to preserve what little privacy she has left. she says she has suffered from depression and low self esteem and spent some time in a psychiatric hospital. she says years later she is beginning to feel valuable again. >> she certainly is brave. we wish her the best. thank you. the fbi works directly with the national center for missing and exploded children and sadly employees at the center have seen their case loads double from fiscal years 2009 to 2010. important new developments in a story we have been following all summer. israel has now agreed to cooperate with united nations investigation in to a deadly raid on a flotilla bound for gaza. the flotilla was loaded with supplies but israeli forces attacked the ship, claiming it
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was violating a blockade in place to keep weapons away from hamas. nine people died in the raid. the u.n. secretary general says the cooperation is unprecedented because israel does not generally trust the u.n. all american combat troops are supposed to be out of iraq by the end of the month and president obama says the plan is on track, but that doesn't mean the effort there is over. fox's jennifer davis explains what the president calls a shift in focus [ applause ] >> reporter: mission accomplished banners aren't being unfurled but in a speech in atlanta today, president obama is saying the withdrawal of combat troops in iraq is, as promised, on scheduled. as the august 31st deadline quickly approaches. >> our commitment in iraq is changing from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomates. >> reporter: violence continues in iraq but the president says he is keeping one of his campaign promises and winding down u.s. efforts there. by the end of august, t 0,000 troops will have come home
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since he took office. a transitional force of 50,000 will stay behind to train iraqis, conduct counterterrorism missions and provide security for u.s. civilians there. even some republicans are praising the move, applauding the president for continuing programs in agreements made by his predecessor. >> i commend the president for continuing the policies, he continue the approximatelicy of secretary gates. and i think we have made progress. >> a massive amount of military from there is being transferred to afghanistan where the president ordered an increase in uss commitment. jennifer davis, fox 5 news. another day of practice, another chapter the albert haynesworth saga. the redskins have made their first cut. dave feldman is live with the latest. >> reporter: how are you doing? the redskins acquired a quarterback, john beck from the ravens. they gave up a corner who was a
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graduate of gonzaga high school. he was the fourth quarterback taken in the 2007 draft by the dolphins. he played for the dolphins and the ravessens as a backup and they wanted him in here and it mean them end of an era of colt brennan, a guy who the immediate media liked and the fans never got to see in game action. we thought head a lot of potential, selected in the sixth round of the 2008 draft from pi hawaii. he was impress knife the rookie season of his year but he suffered a hip injury in ' game and placed on season ending reserve. he was happy he was relieved so early to so he can hook up another team. he never threw a regular season pass with the redskins. haynesworth made a third attempt to pass in the infamous conditioning test. he warmed up and started the
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test, running three 25-yard sprints but his swollen left knee, which sidelined him the past two days set imdown again. the head coach once again had to answer more questions on the never-ending camp story, is the knee now a concern for mike shanahan? >> that's one of the reasons he's not out practicing with the team. you have to be in certain shape to go through a practice and that knee, after three sprints or back and forth couldn't go any further. so, hopefully with treatment it gets better and gets in football shape and he's ready to play with his teammates. >> hopefully that will be sooner rather than later because haynesworth is falling behind every time he doesn't practice. laura, you said to me when we made lindsey murphy run the test, why don't you get out there, dave ross and i got out there an you will see some at 5:00 later on and tonight in our first installment of dave versus dave. >> we will find out if you
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passed. >> you will find out if we passed. >> what do you think? [ laughter ] >> i think you passed. i'm all talk. i think you passed. that's my guess. you better have passed. >> i'm going to bet, that's where i would put your money. >> i hope rossy passed too. we -- i challenged my husband and we are doing it this weekend. >> your husband can pass, you won't. >> we will see you soon. first to arizona and now virginia the rules are changing. if cops pull you over in the commonwealth. we a breaking it down coming up a.m. doing this and driving is risky ibm business. teenagers know it and do it any way. we will tell you the results of a disturbing new survey. b.p. says it is one step closer to
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sealing the blown out well in the bottom of the gulf of mexico. i'm in louisiana. the story is coming up. a little cooler out there today but looks like the heat and the humidity is going to come back strong for the middle of the week. we will look at the forecast and show you if there's any showers this evening. it is all coming up. keep it right here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is just getting started.
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is virginia following in the footsteps of arizona when it comes to immigration laws? virginia attorney general has ruled that police officers can look in to the immigration status of anyone who's stopped or arrested. a federal judge actually blocked that part of the arizona law. ruling mean for the future of virginia's immigration policies? stacey has details on that. >> reporter: well, for one, it means controversy. and also police in prince william county have been acting under a similar measure for three years, questioning the immigration status of those they arrest. this ruling may broaden that power across the commonwealth. virginia has been on the forefront of immigration issues for years as the number of undocumented workers in the commonwealth began to grow. they have passed a number of laws aimed at ejecting the undocumented. so in my may of this year, bob marshall asked the attorney general just how far law enforcement can go.
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in this opinion, he got the answer he wanted. >> nobody would want to reward a kid who butts in line and kicks everybody out in front of the water fountain. we shouldn't do that in the country. >> i agree the system is broken them problem is, there is no legal avenue from -- for the workers south of the border to come here and do the work. >> reporter: he says in his opinion that law enforcement officers do have the right to make the same inquiries as those required by the new arizona law as long as they have the requisite level of suspicious possession to believe the law has been violated. >> thank you very much. by the way, in virginia, the attorney general's opinion is law unless challenged in court. a disappointing disruption at a prince william county water park. someone broke in and tossed furniture in the pool and emptied a concession freezer thursday night or friday morning. the vandals even poured cheese
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down the waterslide. life guards and pool employees worked overtime this weekend to clean up the mess. the pool reopened this morning. police have no arrests. even though we didn't see much sun today it was a delightful day in the temperature department. >> what a change. wow it is come i opened the windows last night. can we keep it going tonight. >> yeah, one more night and then it will get hot and sticky again and then -- you got it. it's the same drill, but a different day. we will start off with max. we have had a couple of showers this afternoon and this evening. they haven't amounted to much or been thunderstorms. there's not much going on. zoom in. there's a little something up around here 270, southern montgomery county around rockville. again a very, very light shower. as we switch over and show you on true view a bit of a time lapse here this goes back three hours. you can see we have had a couple of showers. they flair up and come down.
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i'm not expecting much more at all this evening. as a matter of fact once the sunsets it takes away the chance of showers but there is a slight potential that one or two pop up between now and 8:00 or 9:00. just some clouds there and you can see the temperatures will cool off to the 70s. warmer in town. overnight around 71. but you get out to the suburbs and it will be better in the 60s and again, you know, it will be hot and muggy and really feel like summertime as we get back to the middle of the week. the complete forecast, whether you want it or not coming up in a bit. to the gulf now where crews could begin the employees of permanently plugging the busted b.p. well as early as tonight. if successful the procedure could be the first step to stopping the leak for good. we have the latest now from slidel, louisiana. >> it involves pumping mud and
5:19 pm
cement from above. it b.p. now says they are on track. >> clearly we had some setback from tropical storm bonny. but i think all along we have said sometime in the first half of august and still looks like we'll achieve that. >> reporter: the static kill is part of a two-phase effort. if it works, b.p. will go ahead with the fine bottom kill operation, about five to seven days later. officials say the relief well is the permanent solution to this massive problem. >> only way to kill the well, we will have to inject mud in to the area outside of the pipe and between the well and fill the well up itself and the pipe in the middle. >> b.p. and the coast guard under fire for for the use of dispersants. a congressional investigation revealed the coast guard approved their use 78 times in 48 days after directed to allow the potential harmful chemicals on rare occasions. critics raised questions about
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safety and the long-term affects on sea life but admiral allen and b.p. says useful cut down in the epa was cep informed of the use. >> we used a dispersant used by 75%. >> reporter: i think we all worked hard to not use anymore than we had to. >> reporter: january january will travel to new orleans later today where she is expected to take part in meeting to discuss the federal response with local and state officials. in louisiana, fox continuing co of the gulf oil spill on we will have the latest updates on the static kill once again it -- once it gets underway and you can watch it live on the cameras. it seems like the israels are charging for everything these days. on the the carry on baggage fee rolls out. we where he tell you who is nicking and diming you.
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a new study shows household cleaning products in spray bottles pose the biggest risk to children 5 and under. researchers a the nationwide children's hospital in ohio looked at poisoning and other injuries from cleaning products from 1990 to 2006. overall, the number of injuries declined. the best advice, keep the cleaning products locked up own out of reach of small children. many adults take it but one popular pill is having
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surprisingly helpful effects you know it as the little blue pill and via a has become a lifesaver with a serious disease. we see how. >> reporter: when you look at this 3-year-old his beth it if it wasn't for the oxygen tubing in her nose you would never know she is sick. >> most days i can block it out and treat her like a normal kid. >> reporter: mom diane jones says elizabeth spent half of her life in hospitals she has pulmonary hypertension, high blood pressure in her lungs. most conditions that will send her to the hospital. >> something will happen to make you realize she is fragile. >> today she has no problem keeping up with her twin sister. they say it is partly due to a medication, the same drug as the popular blue pill viagra. >> it was surprising that it was -- they were going to use it in a little girl.
5:26 pm
>> it is a good option, very well tolerated and effective. >> reporter: this doctor say the drug marketed has been used to treat the condition for years. >> measure the blood pressure in the pulmonary artery and the kids on via a. the energy level and her cognitive skills improve. just the gross motor skills improved. even her eating habits she began to eat more off the table. >> reporter: her dad says the pressures in elizabeth's lung lungs came down. >> i felt we were out of the woods and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. >> they call ate blessing, one they cherish every day. >> she wakes up happy every day. she knows she has to live every day to the fullest. she's amazing. really our inspiration. >> fox 5 news. the washington convention center will become the largest
5:27 pm
doctor's office in the nation for one day. the goal is to help thousands of uninsured patients. the national association of free clinics will operate a clinic from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and it will provide care to patients from maryland, dc and virginia. if you would like to make an appointment call 877-233-5159. we also have more information on under web links. this is not the news anxious parents want to hear. teenagers are aware of the dangers are doing it any way. what will it take to get them to stop texting a driving next. what got in the way of metro rolling out higher fares today.   [ horn honks, indistinct conversations ] nobody does pan pasta like your mom. [ male announcer ] red baron pan pasta and pan pizza. delicious pastas and hearty sauces full of meat and covered with cheese. red baron. bring home that pizzeria taste.
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there's oil out there we've got to capture. my job is to hunt it down. i'm fred lemond, and i'm in charge of bp's efforts to remove oil from these waters. bp has taken full responsibility for the cleanup and that includes keeping you informed. every morning, over 50 spotter planes and helicopters take off and search for the oil. we use satellite images, infrared and thermal photography to map and target the oil. then, the boats go to work. almost 6,000 vessels.
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these are thousands of local shrimp and fishing boats organized into task forces and strike teams. plus, specialized skimmers from around the world. we've skimmed over 27 million gallons of oil/water mixture and removed millions more with other methods. we've set out more than 8 million feet of boom to protect the shoreline. i grew up on the gulf coast and i love these waters. we can't keep all the oil from coming ashore, but i'm gonna do everything i can to stop it, and we'll be here as long as it takes to clean up the gulf. first a spray of hot shot for one team, and fast-killing raid for the other. and they're off! ( gunshot ) well half of them are. those hot shot bugs still showing some spunk. doing the cabinet climb, the sink swim, even the wall crawl. while the raid team is looking kind of... dead. uh-oh, this competition's over. ( spraying, pow ) ra-- ?! fast killing raid. kills bugs dead!
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s.c. johnson. a family company. does your teenager drive distracted? chances are the answer is
5:31 pm
question. a survey by triple a mid- atlantic and 17 magazine says 90% of teens admit they have done it. karen gray houston look at the alarming trend. >> well, texting is one of the riskiest of driving distractions but aaa and seventeen magazine say they are doing other things such as adjusting their radio, cd or mp 3 player, eating and talking on the cell phone. they know they shouldn't but that is not stopping them. teenagers are some of the least experienced drivers on the road. at 16 and 17, anxious to get a license. they have heard the message that driving while texting or otherwise distracting can be deadly but somehow it is not sinking in. >> the fact of the matter is they recognize the risk and know the risk but they think the rules do not apply to them. >> reporter: aaa mid-atlantic and seventeen magazine surveyed drivers age 16 to 19 an found they think it is okay to engage
5:32 pm
in risky behaviors while driving because a of a variety of reasons. because i think it will only take a split second, don't think they will get hour or are used to multitasking. it is very dangerous and we, as parents, need to have a long talk with our kids about this. >> reporter: an stimed 6,000 teenagers lose their lives on the road every year. 200,000 suffer injuries in accidents. we asked some teens waiting to take their driving road test why they think their peers engaged in distracted driving. >> they get distracted easily. think it is important. >> they say some are mimicking what they see their parents do. >> my see my mom do it, i see her being distracted all the time. i don't want to swerve and stuff like that. >> a reminder, the next time your kid asks for the keys too
5:33 pm
the car could be the last time you see the teen alive. >> to give you an idea of prow prevalent driving distractions are among teens, they say teens who text while driving sent on average 23 text messages while driving in the past month alone. it says taking your eyes off the road for two seconds doubles your risk of getting in to a crash. >> incredible statistics. adults are guilty of it, as well. of challenge aring aaa and the everyone to take two secs to turn off their cell phone on the 17th. a traffic alert for metro riders. you are getting a short reprieve. instead of going in to affect yesterday, metro postponed the fare hikes until tomorrow morning. they want time to clarify the new fares first. here's the break down for you. passengers who pay with paper cards instead of smartrip cards
5:34 pm
will pay an extra 20 cents. -- if you like to walk or bike along the woodrow wilson bridge trail, you have to change your routine for a while. the trail will be closed for routine inspections starting today. there will be signs to remind you the trail is off limits. spirit airlines controversy new fees are going in to affect. you may have to pay 20 to $45 extra for the carry on bags. this is a first for the industry and passengers aren't happy about it. of course, starting on sunday, you have to pay for any carry on that does not fit under the seat on the plane. they claim they lowered the prices to make up for the charge and fewer bags will mean faster boarding times. >> we understand that people are frustrated but at the same time we think when people look at the total price of the tick they will realize flying on spirit is the lowest price way
5:35 pm
to go. no one buying the carry on bag, they buy the total trip so you have to look at the whole price. >> i still have to pay an extra 30 to $45 is ridiculous. >> charles schumer of new york promises -- got promises from five of the biggest airline haitian will not charge for carry ons. two middle east nations are moving to ban blackberries. they claim they are a matter of security but critics believe it is censorship. come october research in motion may have to figure out to to replace 1 million subscribers in the middle east. united arab emirates in saudi arabia are banning the smart phone for blackberry users in their respected region. the move could move 1.2 million user and have a big impact on
5:36 pm
the bottom line. it cites the inabilitity to access and monitor data. the and abilitity allows them to act without legal liability and causes jewish national and social concerns. while they are considering a total ban of the devices, saudi officials say their potential ban would affect the blackberry messenger removing 2.6% of the blackberry subscriber and not just residents in the middle east that would lose their smart phone, diplomates, empty advisers and tourists would be hit by the ban. the ban has little to do with national security and all to do with this government's attempt to extend control over the local population. while the saudi government is weighing the extent of their band, the uae goes in to affect soon. u.s. companies have lost
5:37 pm
nearly .000000 jobs in 2008. fight private payrolls increased. bernanke says he believes that the crisis is behind us and customer spend willing pick up in the next few months. simon, kara dioguardi and ellen are all out. who is stepping up? we will sort it out. and really this find, an 18th century ship undover covered at ground ground zero. it became quite think the the mystery. the ship is on the way here to get some answers.  imagine if it were this easy to spot the good guys.
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a new opportunity for young people in the district. tennis star john eisner played with the kid. new courts are adjacent to the department of public works headquarters including new surfacing, nets, fences and sidewalk. the u.s. tennis association and american express donated the services. an 18th century ship uncovered at ground zero is now in maryland. sky fox shot this video as the timbers arrived. this is in saint leonard, maryland. the conservation specializes in ship wrecks and stories believe the ship was buried in 1810 as land fill to extend the shores of lower manhattan. the lab will run tests to find out how old the ship is. a nice break from the summer heat today. it moved in over the weekend, too but the question is will it hold? >> gary is on deck with the workweek forecast up next. us.
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he is not a house hold name but comes to compete for a backup job and that means brennan is out. the 2008 pick never got a chance but become a preseason favorite, the former hawaii gunslinger was good in the preseason game two years ago in canton, ohio. earlier this week we talked to the captain, chris cooley and he obviously needs a good year. a year and a half ago he missed a season with a bad ankle but captain chaos is happy and here's his outlook on the new
5:46 pm
regime. >> the thing i like about shanahan, i'm doing the finger things a lot. i'm going to stop now. it was twice that a row now. we are playing football. we got here and ran 100 team plays. warm up, do individual work and do team plays. i feel it prepares me to play football and prepares the guys to play and gets everyone in on the same page instead of individual drills. he wants to run plays. >> when you see how things are going in camp and every camp says we are optimistic and whatever. >> we are going to be so good. >> of course i believe it. i have to believe it. i fully bought in. that's the best part of the nfl. right now everyone is going to be good. we are all here and enthusiastic. i couldn't be more excited about our opportunities and i think we will be a great football team. >> captain chaos, call him captain optimistic. hanes worst tried to take his 300 shuttle test today but he
5:47 pm
couldn't complete it. his knee started to bother him and he stopped. later at 6:20 you will hear what the coach says if there is a knee issue and installment of dave versus dave. law laura evans challenged me to do this. in the first installment, dave ross and i competing against each other and also against the clock and haynesworth. we see if we can pass the infamous conditioning test that albert has yet to pass. we got some encouragement from the broad run spartan football team. the two-time defending state champions. now, this test was not easy en, and-than-thank goodness we got their support and they certainly did help. i'm not going to tell you if we passed or not. i will tell you this, for one of us it was very, very close and for one of us it was not so close. and i will tell you what happened tonight at 10:00 and i'm sure you will take your shots and do your speculation but that's the only clue i'm giving you right now. >> from the video it looked
5:48 pm
like the high school team was helping you off the field there. >> if f recollection ldy can run a marathon without training for it you can do this. >> that was a long time ago, but i appreciate you bringing up my resume. this is tough. the first is not so bad. it is the second one with the 3:30 break that makes it tough. >> they had an ambulance crew out there, didn't they. >> i'm sure they did. >> and thank goodness they didn't have 100-degree weather. >> when did they do it. >> this morning. >> i just got in on that conversation late. i jest guess they planned for the cooler temperatures because if they had to do that wednesday or thursday morning it would be brutal for them. albert if you are listening, you might want to try to knock that thing off tomorrow morning if you can. once you get to wednesday, thursday an friend we will be firmly back in the grips of a dc summer. not bad today. half of the day a lot of cloud cover.
5:49 pm
that kept the temperatures in the 70s. we managed to get up in the lower 80s with the sunshine. you can see the beautiful shot from the tower camera there. we are at 82-degrees in the city. 82 and quantico the same. still some 70s out there, manassas 79. fredericksburg warmer. leonardtown 79 as is annapolis. frederick is 82. so just about everybody in the upper 70s and lower 80s. i hope you enjoyed it because it goes away. tomorrow not so bad. right in there around average. again, as we get to the middle of the week things are going to heat up. some showers, very spotty. until 8:00 or so. one or two we had six or seven at 4:00 today. some clouds at 9:00. clouds linger and clouds will linger overnight tonight. temperatures at eleven in the middle 70s. the 90s will come back strong
5:50 pm
by the middle of the week. not just the heat but the humidity returns, too, and it looks like wednesday, thursday, probably in to friday the heat index will be right up and over 100 degrees in the heat of the day. summer storms come back with the heat and the humidity. all three basically go together with summertime around here but the weekend, thank goodness, i know it is only monday but we will talk about the weekend, the weekend looks cooler and drier if everything comes together like it is forecasting forecasting. a little bit of shower activity today. notice it is on the wayne this afternoon and this evening. it is coming up i-95 in to southern sections of pennsylvania, too. there's a couple of things helping to bring us the clouds
5:51 pm
and the shower activity. we have high pressure to the northeast of us. clockwise flow around that, bringing the moisture in off of the atlantic. low pressure just off of north carolina, counterclockwise flow around that, bringing moisture in. so there's a lot coming in. you can see the showers erupt just there along southern sections of virginia, northern parts of north carolina and they make their way right up i- 95. but this is coming to an end tonight. tropical depression number four has formed way out in the atlantic ocean. it does look like eventually this will become tropical storm colin. right now the forecast over the next several days as this works through the atlantic is that it is not going to rricane colin. they think it is a 20% chance that tropical storm colin will become hurricane colin. we will be tracking this for several days. it could come up along the atlantic but right now the long- range feeling is it will make a
5:52 pm
big turn along the east coast and head out to sea. clouds tomorrow morning, warm for the afternoon. high temperature gets up to 88 to 89 degrees. some places 90. we should stay dry tomorrow. can't completely rule out one or two popup showers or thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. but they will be isolated. crank up the heat, wednesday, thursday, friday and then a little bit better for the weekend. i see on saturday thunderstorms, ignore that. i will change that. >> thank you. simon ellen and cara is out but fox isn't saying who is in for the next season. some thought the announcement may come today when they presented the 2010/2011 shows to the critics association but so far no word. word has been swirling that jennifer lopez and steven tyler are on the short list. lindsay lohan out of jail. tmz is live from l.a.
5:53 pm
tonight. where's lindsey now? >> reporter: well, she is in the rehab facility. she left jail this morning at 1:35 in this morning and cared her off to rehab at ucla medical center. they didn't want her to see family or friends or have break time and she will be footing the bill for the place. it's not a cheap at all. even though it is court ordered, she cannot do anything other than abide by the rules. if she violates anything she could go straight to jail. so this is a big deal for her. >> i understand you are following new developments this the mel gibson case. his exgirlfriend is being deposed in the child custody case. what's the latest? >> yeah. she basically has to sit down and talk about the custody case. why she feels mel should not have visitation rights of the baby, and basically talk about it. one thing she will stick away from in senior the other court case where in regards to the tapes that have come out, in
5:54 pm
regard to the abuse allegations. she probably won't touch that stuff because she doesn't want to incriminate herself. so will probably stick to the topic of the baby. >> the story keeps going and going. we understand you have a special guest host tonight. little john made his debut, like a week ago and he is back again. why? >> he is so fun. we had to have him back tonight. he came in to the morning meeting. we had a great time. he's a funny guy, and that's the thing -- we were sitting here laughing throughout the morning meeting and it turned out to be one of the best shows once again. tune in to watch that. and i was listening to your report and we put up a video of steven tyler saying he is joining the cast of "american idol." i want to throw that out for you. >> appreciate the update. you heard it right there from tmz. we appreciate the breaking news there. a look at the news edge at 6:00. coming up, is virginia the
5:55 pm
new arizona? the attorney general makes a controversial move that could thrust the commonwealth in to the spotlight of the immigration debate. all new on them edge, an elementary schoolteacher arrested in fairfax. why she is facing charges tonight. dozens of dc teenagers beg city council for a break. why they are pleading for an extension on a program that employs young people in the district. and the futuring of an aging facility in arlington does not look bright. we will have the latest on the efforts to save a planetarium cut from the school budget. 
5:56 pm
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i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. caught on camera, a robbery that ended with a neighborhood taking action. it happened in pontiac, michigan. a man walked in to a dollar store on saturday and left with items he didn't pay for. the store manager and employee took off after him he ran past
5:59 pm
a garage sale as store workers yelled at neighbors to stop him. >> i caught him between the houses over there and i grabbed him and told him to just get on the ground. it bother mess to work hard for your stuff and see people come and take it already several neighbors jumped in to help after ricky caught the suspect. they held the man at the scene until the police arrived. thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. police in virginia have the green light to enforce a section of arizona's immigration law, which was shot down by a federal judge. the attorney general just released an opinion saying law enforcement can check the immigration status of anyone stopped or arrested. fox 5's stacey cohen tells us what is happening in the commonwealth. >> reporter: the opinion is a response to an inquiry made by


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